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The ghost got me right after I found an axe! My score was 3155.

Not bad!


Looks amazing! Have much fun playing it.


Love the UI and maps! Very arcadey look and feel. I especially like the real-time timer. It adds even further to the arcade feel of the game. Graphics are extremely well-done. Even with 8x8 tiles, just about everything is distinguishable. The music is decent, but loops so often that it quickly becomes grating.

My biggest gripes are with the controls, however. They are very unwieldy. Having to repeatedly click tiny little arrows for every action or movement became too painful for me to continue after about 5 minutes. I didn't get far enough to see if there were any ranged weapons; unless there are, I don't think it was necessary to separate the Move and Attack controls. Walking into an enemy doesn't appear to have any effect and could be repurposed into attacking, as it works in other roguelikes.

I'm looking forward to any potential post-jam updates to this!

thanks! bows do exist in the game :) i plan to figure out a keyboard update post jam. move, attack, and inventory on keyboard wont be great either, so a mix will probably be preferrable to most players.


Nice game! You could put the Movement Controls for Arrows and ASWD for weapons. Play with mouse only is annoying. Maybe it will be ok in a tablet or smartphone.

Thanks! I was trying to think of a good way to do movement and attacking and my tired brain didn't think of arrows AND WASD?!

On the plus side, I do like the frantic feeling of clicking while trying to beat the ghost timer in the later levels.

I'll add it to the first post-jam Update :)


You can let to the player the option to choose the control type, Mouse or Keyboard or even Joystick.

due to the inventory, joystick may not be an option. i think i can come up with a way to do inventory with keyboard though



Yeah! :D