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That's good! just some minor bugs with levels not resetting properly, or re-spawning back with the key instead of losing it, and reading the comments, it looks like that's not all of it, so hope you get back to it someday ^ ^

Deleted 1 year ago

thanks! i was working on it a while back but ran out of steam, so rather than completing it half-heartedly, i've shelved it until i can get back at it with full potential :)

Love it!

thanks! :D im rebuilding it now for a more complete release.

Awesome! Still with Game Maker?

absolutely :) you can follow my twitter (@bwalter_indie) for future updates.

I love the graphism and the level of your game ! GG!

thank you! :D

rad game! reminds me of an ASCII sidescroller i made in the 90s! : )


thanks! Haha happy to invoke some nostalgia for you haha

lol. and don't worry, yours is far more enjoyable/playable! : )

Really awesome, I grew up on ASCII art games and this is a wonderful modern example! Can you put up a link to your page so I can leave feedback there? :)

sure thing! i updated it for you :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh god, that jump animation and those wall-jumpy and slidey-smokes. Well done!

Edit: Accidently backtracked and got stuck behind an already unlocked door ;-;

thank you very much! and im sorry to hear that... i guess i missed that bug :/ i'll search for it immediately!

ok i pushed a fix! thank you!

This game is wonderful.  I really enjoyed it, but I got stuck when I realized I accidentally backtracked, turn around, and couldn't pass through a door I already came through.
Regardless, very impressive. <3

oh no! i guess i missed that bug in testing :/ i'll try and find what door it was and get it fixed up soon :D

ok i pushed a fix for html! thanks!