A downloadable game for Windows

Beta Build v 1.0


TGoP is a competitive game, which requires at least two people and a single gamepad. Place troops, give them pants, and strategically attack your opponent to victory!



While you can see what cards your opponent has, you cannot see what they use them for in all circumstances. Taunt, bluff, and confuse your way to victory as you attempt to baffle your opponent and get inside their head. 

All Excess damage is dealt to the king in question. Kill your opponents king, and protect your own, to win the game!


Attach pants to your pawns to change their type, and abilities. Be careful! Only grunts  without pants will advance normally. The number on the card will alter the pawn's index by that amount. Plan carefully! Only 3 standard pants (+1, +2, +3, or x2) may be attached to a pawn. (Special rules apply to Special Pants)


Attach power (either a bluff or an actual value) to a target to attack it. Attacks cancel, and the victor will advance to the opponent's space on the board.



If you enjoyed the game (or not), you have further questions about the game, or if you just have some ideas or suggestions, please take the time to fill out this poll so that I may make it better here.


  • 12 Oct 2017: Beta v.1.0.0 completed.
  • 13 Oct 2017: Beta v.1.0.1, 1.02, and 1.03 added. 
    • Major and minor fixes.
  • 14 Oct 2017: Beta v1.0.3 released! 


  • Updated art for several character animations within the game. Including:
    •  knight
    •  lich
    •  fox
    • valkyrie
    • shapeshifter
  • fix bugs that slipped through testing.
  • More effects and particles, as well as smoother transitions.
  • Updated and improved code.
  • Better combat animation/visuals.
  • general polish.
  • expand number and types of characters.

Art and code by bwalter. Music by John S


TheGameOfPants_beta1.0.3.exe 10 MB