Gamble your way to victory in this slots-drafting dungeon crawler!

The slots determine what you can do, so lock into place what you want to keep in a turn. The slots can have the following results:

  • Dud: this does nothing.
  • Jackpot: get 2-3 for extra damage, or all 4 for an instant kill!
  • +X Atk: this allows you to deal damage, if you have more than the enemy's defence.
  • +X Dmg: this boosts the enemy attack!
  • +1 Def: this cancels out one damage from the enemy.

Game by Bwalter and Retrosaur

Art by Retrosaur

Music and sound by Bibiki

Made in 48 hours for GMTK jam 2020.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBen Walter
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsPixel Art


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Very cool game. I liked it. I don't like to play computer games. I'm more attracted to playing poker with my friends on weekends. This game brings me a lot of good emotions, so I try to play whenever possible. I started to win more and more often, and my friends noticed it, so they advised me to play in the casino. I doubted it, but I decided to go to and try to play. In a few hours, I increased my initial capital by several times. Now I want to earn in this way permanently.

Cute! I like it. Gets boring fairly easily for me, but it's a nice, straightforward game to play.

Music is great :D


Pretty cool! I remember playing a very similar game on mobile some years back. 


Really cool stuff. My only gripe is that it's a bit slow to play. Would be nice if the animations were slightly faster. Love the art though and how it blends in with the itch page. Très chique B-)


A fantastic use of randomness! The art + sound of this game are also top-notch! One of my favorites from this jam. Great job!


I love this little game!

I'd love to see some keyboard support and a way to quickly jump to the end of a spin so I can play games faster.

(Also, like Jay, I didn't realize that the "+2 Damage" type symbols meant damage against me at first. Maybe a different description like "TAKE +1 DAM" or something?)

You might be interested in a similar game I made called Slay the Dragon.  It's a similar slot-machine-based combat system, only it adds some progression elements into the mix, allowing you to add new symbols to your slot wheels as you go.

Anyway, great job. Love the look of it!


Looks great, sounds great, plays great!  It's very straight forward, try to land on as much attack wheels as possible, barring that go for shields to survive to spin some more.  Do you risk respinning a shield in the hopes to land more damage to win before they can attack at the risk of potentially taking more yourself?  Maybe you got 2 jackpots and are feeling lucky? Locking duds doesnt help but at least it prevents you from rolling something even worse!

It did take me a run to realize the "+Damage" skulls means damage the enemy deals, not what I was dealing, but I probably shoulda known by it being a skull :D


A very cool little combat system! Reminds me of the dice system from curious expedition. Well done!


thank you very much!


Awesome tune from Bibiki

his work is always the best isn't it? a true joy to work with him again!