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War has come to Tyrfaen.

     Llyr, king of tyrfaen and 12th of the line of Reyn, was murdered by his son, Medrawd, who claimed the throne and imprisoned his sister, Anwen: the true heir to the throne. 
    Seizing the opportunity to expand their empire, the necromancers of Ffaldyn broke the Adrw Treaty and penetrated Tyrfaen's borders with ghosts and black magic. 
     While Tyrfaen castle and keep prepare for war, a group of soldiers loyal to the former king Llyr release princess Anwen in the hopes that she can retake the throne and restore peace... 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorBen Walter


Daughter of Reyn 28 MB
Source Code (GMZ) 34 MB


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can you release the source code for like $15 bucks? I would want to study it and learn from it.


You know its been long enough that I think I would actually be comfortable with that. I will see what I can do tomorrow. 

One note: it is made in Game maker 1.4.

The source code will be available soon!

Still coming?


Sorry, todo list got lost when I built my new computer. Uploading now!

Happy New Year! Are you available for building small games? commission. cheers!


I really enjoyed this!

However I think I soft-locked myself - I managed to brute force my way through the RGB fireball knights on the old road using some lucky timing and persistence - then eventually got stuck against a knight with the same RGB fireballs but would throw another and had a shield.

I couldn't beat this guy  so I ended up rewatcing the trailer on this page and realised I was supposed to have throwing knives at this point but couldn't manage to get my way back

Still, really enjoyed myself and it has a super engaging fighting system and has that classic Nintendo hard difficulty


sorry I never replied to this!

There is an option in the options menu to delete your save file :) If you aren't *that* far in the game, it would be a way to unlock it.

have you thought about porting this game and Little Buddy Battle to Android? I would love to play them on the go!

that would be amazing! I haven't figured out porting from gamemaker to anything other than windows and HTML yet, but hopefully someday!

Just like Zelda 2 :) Can you explain how you did the rumble effect on gamemaker?

if you mean screen shake, there is a variable (called var from now on) in the camera object i create which constantly lerps to 0. On hit, this var gets bumped up. the view is set to the camera object's position plus a random value between -var and var.  thats all :)

No I mean the controller vibration :) and I love Zelda 2 lol

oh, there is a function for that in gamemaker. "gamepad_set_vibration" i think. i set it equal in scale to that view shake i described :) 


Awesome stuff :)



Dude where can I give you money for this game :}


Ok found it :) https://ko-fi.com/bwalter

Thank you <3 it means a lot!

Great game! Nice combat mechanics, great map. Cant wait to see more from this dev!


Thank you! :D

I've only made it up to the second boss (is there a way to save?) but I love it! Super cool combat mechanic.

Approach the statues where you re-spawn scattered throughout the world, and they will light. if it lights, the game has saved :)

Nice combat system!

I'm glad you like it! This combat system was inspired by Zelda 2, and it was seeing a system like this that made me start making this game in the first place! :D

Love the art style!

Thank you! :D

Really like the art style and that you are given such a feeble-looking sword. Combat felt solid and the fireball mage was a good way to introduce it. I didn't like getting stuck between respawning enemies that couldn't be killed before I got the sword (both boomerang birds, and the soldier you can trick into falling), also that upward fireballs can hurt you when they hit the shield or even the outline. I only made it to Otar, but these torture-ware games aren't my style. My #1 request would being able to use a controller.

I added controller support a couple days ago :) Hope you give it another try!

time to try it n.n