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I really enjoyed this!

However I think I soft-locked myself - I managed to brute force my way through the RGB fireball knights on the old road using some lucky timing and persistence - then eventually got stuck against a knight with the same RGB fireballs but would throw another and had a shield.

I couldn't beat this guy  so I ended up rewatcing the trailer on this page and realised I was supposed to have throwing knives at this point but couldn't manage to get my way back

Still, really enjoyed myself and it has a super engaging fighting system and has that classic Nintendo hard difficulty


sorry I never replied to this!

There is an option in the options menu to delete your save file :) If you aren't *that* far in the game, it would be a way to unlock it.

have you thought about porting this game and Little Buddy Battle to Android? I would love to play them on the go!

that would be amazing! I haven't figured out porting from gamemaker to anything other than windows and HTML yet, but hopefully someday!

Just like Zelda 2 :) Can you explain how you did the rumble effect on gamemaker?

if you mean screen shake, there is a variable (called var from now on) in the camera object i create which constantly lerps to 0. On hit, this var gets bumped up. the view is set to the camera object's position plus a random value between -var and var.  thats all :)

No I mean the controller vibration :) and I love Zelda 2 lol

oh, there is a function for that in gamemaker. "gamepad_set_vibration" i think. i set it equal in scale to that view shake i described :) 


Awesome stuff :)



Dude where can I give you money for this game :}


Ok found it :)

Thank you <3 it means a lot!

Great game! Nice combat mechanics, great map. Cant wait to see more from this dev!


Thank you! :D

I've only made it up to the second boss (is there a way to save?) but I love it! Super cool combat mechanic.

Approach the statues where you re-spawn scattered throughout the world, and they will light. if it lights, the game has saved :)

Nice combat system!

I'm glad you like it! This combat system was inspired by Zelda 2, and it was seeing a system like this that made me start making this game in the first place! :D

Love the art style!

Thank you! :D

Really like the art style and that you are given such a feeble-looking sword. Combat felt solid and the fireball mage was a good way to introduce it. I didn't like getting stuck between respawning enemies that couldn't be killed before I got the sword (both boomerang birds, and the soldier you can trick into falling), also that upward fireballs can hurt you when they hit the shield or even the outline. I only made it to Otar, but these torture-ware games aren't my style. My #1 request would being able to use a controller.

I added controller support a couple days ago :) Hope you give it another try!

time to try it n.n