A downloadable game for Windows

What is Vigil?

Vigil is an RPG style adventure game about exploring and fighting your way through unique worlds. Create your hero, fight monsters, and hire on some friends to help you on your journey!

Vigil is currently in Alpha. As such many features are missing. Planned features include: 

  • Storyline and Boss battles.
  • Extra world integration and simulation expansion. 
  • More items, potions, weapons, and enemies.

How to play.

All you need are a mouse and a keyboard!

  • WASD or arrow keys to pan the camera
  • Mouse to select.

Enter a Bustling world!

Create your character!

Explore the world and visit new cities!

And fight whatever gets in your way!!

What stories will you be a part of?

Change log

19th Nov 2018: V. 0.1. Initial Alpha Release.

9th Feb. 2020: V. 0.1.1. Combat Update.

  • Visual Updates
  • General Patch
  • New Content Updates
  • Fight/Flee
StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorBen Walter
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
TagsRoguelike, Turn-based Strategy


vigil_0.1.2.3.zip 19 MB


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really pretty game! understanding equipment was a bit difficult, and the way the day/night system faded the screen made it hard to discern what was going on, especially for the action log in the lower left.


Here's a gameplay I made with 3 different seed worlds.... and better, without pesky comments! Check it out:

I found a bug, when I will fight with someone off-screen (when I go to city) I can't do anything

I'll look into it!

Absolutely Loved It!! so much fun i had actually did really good. Video will be out soon.

Ty so much for making an Awesome indie game!! 

thank you :)


Could we get this macOS ported? I bought the game only to find I couldn't play it, please port this :)


Oh no! I've tried and failed many times to get porting working. I'll try again!


Thanks! :D Take your time BTW, no stress!


I'd like to update you on progress: It has been largely unsuccessful. I would suggest trying to use Wine in the meantime :)

Thank you! I was not aware something like Wine existed, I will check it ou.


Enjoyed traveling around and fighting monsters. The world map and art are wonderful. Loved seeing a unique world generated each time. So many different monsters to find! I got to level 10 with two of my party members. I wanted a little more options in combat. A sound for misses would help too. So many of the magic weapons do more damage to my own team than the monsters do - so I went back and bought normal swords for my whole team.

When I am able to come back and add more content I'll be sure to fix spell-casting! It's quite buggy as is. I'll make sure it doesn't do team damage any more :)


Hello there, would you mind if I try some game-testing with your game? It happens that I'm a novice game tester, and I'm looking for some places/games where to train my testing skills and stuff. Optionally, of course, any reported bugs will be posted or sent to you just in case you are interested in taking a look at them.

Thanks in advance!

Hey MANI :)  

Go right ahead. Please note before you start that this project was restarted and re-iterated about 4 times, so there are loads of unused features, as well as bugs that don't apply to the game because they never happen for you to dig up.

Please send any findings etc to bwalterindie@gmail.com

Excellent :) Thank you a lot bwalter for letting me participate, I'm really grateful. Developing my skills as a tester is something that I really want to do, so I appreciate every oportunity I get! Ok then, I'll be testing your game soon!

Estaría interesante que pudieras conquistar ciudades para hacer que crezca tu reino

I'm thinking i may add something like that in the future :)

(3 edits)

Please strongly consider a toggle to 'disable screen shake'.  Please!

Alternatively, a screen shake slider with more/less intense settings may be useful.

It is ok if there is some ini file to edit it manually, however in-game GUI method would be preferable.

One minor quibble but the 'theme' of your game's page with the light background makes it very difficult to see hyperlinks since they are white text.  I do have a utility to 'invert' the screen on my end so you should not fell 'compelled' to take any action.  I just wanted you to be aware of this, that's all.


Thanks for the sale. I'd like to note that it's kind of weird for the text "Main Seed" or "City Seed" to disappear when that seed is selected.

You know what? This game would be AMAZING as a mobile-phone idle game, with all exploration and combat, restocking, and hiring being automatic (maybe with automated features being unlockable, with the game being manual at first). That is how I picture this cute little product.


Thanks! I may see what i can do in the mobile area, but i've never developed for it before. I want to expand how you interact with the simulation and probably add an impending doom to work towards first :D

(1 edit)

There is a mysterious artifact that is causing evil creatures to appear and begin attacking towns and civilians.  The longer you take to solve the mystery, the more towns (that you could not save in time) end up in ruins.

Time is ticking!  ;)

Concept shamelessly ripped off from the awesome gem of a game called StarFlight where I played the Sega Genesis port from 1991.  Nintendo shamelessly plagiarized this concept for Majora's Mask but at least it was executed well in that game.

No use letting such a great game idea go to waste!  Also you can add in some stuff like building up a 'defense force' (costing you both time and in-game currency) but allowing certain areas to survive longer and thereby getting a better ending.  However you cannot save everyone and have to pick/choose (also allowing for replayability).

If you are interested in talking shop and discussing game design, I'd love to chat with you via Discord if you'd like to join up in my gaming/social server called FreshGaming.  I've already made friends with some indie devs and wouldn't mind adding to the party :)

can i see more gameplay?


I'll try to see if i can get a gameplay video up somewhere :)

The game works like this: you select a hometown and make your character, and then choose destinations to travel to. by fighting monsters and searching ruins you gain gold, which will help you hire more troops and get more powerful. 

This game is in alpha so right now the goal is to create the strongest team you can and fight monsters in the world.

Until i can get a video up, i hope this helps! :)

Game is free for a short time.  Grab it yourself and check it out!


I made a gameplay... check it out: