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This is a really fun game, would like to see more of it.


Honestly would pay money for this! I love small strategy games.


This is fantastic, i love isometric strategy games.


This is like an actual game

Haha Yes it is :D isn't that what is expected?

Well yes, but if you had told me this wasn't a jam game I would've totally believed you

ooooh haha ok. Thank you!

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Nice elegant game with simple rules. The random obstacles make it nicely replayable!

Also, royal puppy certainly the cutest.

Thanks! :)


I've been playing for like 45mins now and I can't stop... kinda hard in the beginning but I think I got it now. Super cool! 



Very nice! Somehow reminds me of Thud! from Discworld.

thank you :)


Great Work!

Thank you!